Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clark Brighton

     As Americas we often take for granted the fact that we have some of the cleanest and most reliable sources of water in the world.  With many countries struggling to find decent water to bathe in, it seems impossible to imagine anyone not being able to pour a glass of clean water to drink that won't make you extremely sick.
     Granted we do not drink the water from the ocean we do receive a great deal that comes from the sea such as food and recreation.  If the water is not of an adequate cleanliness then activities such as boating, swimming and any other water leisure is not going to happen.  The food that comes from the sea like shellfish, and fish are not safe to eat if toxins are too high.  These things can drastically effect the lives of many people who both live near the sea and benefit from all the satisfaction it has to offer.

     Living in New Hampshire we have a large amount of lakes and ponds that many people use on a daily basis for a number of different activities.  When I am home I use these everyday along with my friends and family who also enjoy the enjoyment of the water.  I take a great deal of pride in knowing that I am going home to swim and fish in a body of water that I can feel comfortable about.  Having clean water is something I, and most Americans value very highly whether you thinking about it or not.  

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