Thursday, July 26, 2012

Supporter of Clean Water

If you ask me if clean water is important to me, I'll answer "absolutely". I have become very appreciative of the little things because I believe in our great country, we are fortunate enough to have access to the most vital necessity in life. I think we sometimes overlook how grateful we are to have fresh and clean drinking water. We hear in several media outlets the daily struggle many other nations have to encounter because of the lack of clean drinking water. So I empathize; I put myself in their position and realize, we, as a country, are lucky to be able to have the resources to continue the efforts to keep our waters fresh. The same goes for beach waters. Imagine not being able to step foot into a beach's water. Bostonian's should understand and whole-heartedly appreciate the efforts of those state and federal corporations who value the necessity of clean water and continually work hard to keep the water as clean as possible. If I were strongly connected and knowledgeable to an issue regarding clean water, I would most definitely be an advocate supporting this great movement that keeps water safe, clean, and usable.

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