Friday, July 27, 2012

Lovell's Island and the Mystery Snails...

This morning we got out to a slow start, stuck in George's Island didn't stop the class from exploring Warren Fort built to defend the city by the French against a common enemy with their American allies, the hated British...of course in the past and that's all history now.

Its all about connections as Professor Berman fully exploited in calling his friend in the DRC, they were very nice to give a lift to and from Lovells Island.  The island is very diverse in fauna and flora, we immediately set to explore, observe and conquer the great tidal pools. Lovells is an explorer's heaven, it is filled with barnacles, clams, mussels, periwinkles of all shapes and colors. Also there was a large population of Asian Crabs and Hermit Crabs under the rocks mostly. We met a group of British tourists exploring and camping in the Island, it seemed they enjoyed Professor Berman's conversation as we all had similar interests in the Island.

Lovell's beach was very similar to Peddock's Island beach as far as the rocks, the only difference is the large tidal pools we provided for more living organisms competing together to survive in nature. there were also large colonies of tunicates everywhere. We then marched along an old paved road to survey the vegetation of the island, there more campers along the way enjoying the island, Professor Berman pointed to few land snails that were not native to the island.

I am one of the compatibles that know the answer to the colored snails we all surveyed in the large rock. I am not going to disclose this info until I get the permission from Professor Berman, until then have a great night and see you all in class.

Amine Mohamed.

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