Saturday, July 28, 2012

Closer Look to Striped Bass

Hi. This is Erdogan for the last time.

The subject of our final day was the striped bass. Although I am not a big fan of sea food, I have tasted striped bass before. Today I had the chance to have a closer look to it. I was close enough to see and touch its intestine, stomach and liver for the first and probably the last time. I saw that it requires careful and accurate cuts to make a striped bass eatable. And I am certainly convinced that I cannot do it. I did not have the chance to taste the filet that I took today because I have never cooked any kind of meal before.  But I think it will be a delicious dinner after I convince my friend to cook it.

Today we also learned that the striped bass is the focal point of furious debates and special regulations. According to Beth Daley of The Boston Globe [1], striped bass population which had a narrow escape from extinction in early 1980s started to give warning signals again. And The Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board came up with new regulations including limits to minimum size, commercial allocation and bag limits to address the concerns [2]. However the regulations did not make the related parties happy. Both the commercial fishermen and recreational anglers are blaming each other for the declines in striped bass population. Additionally the application of different measures in different states is another issue that is arguable. Based on my working experience in the area of regulation, I can say that each of the parties of a dispute always complains and blames the other parties. They want more and more from the regulator. And, at the end of the day, nobody loves regulators and satisfies with the final regulation. According to me, the complaints of both parties can be utilized to recognize the problem but nothing more than that. So, the economic indicators and expectations about fishery and analysis on annual striped bass population must be the basis of the related regulations…

I think I must stop here. Sorry for my boring regulation comments which will continue to be my source of income after I will (hopefully) return to my country next month.

This is the last one of my text only posts. It was nice to meet you all. Bye.

[1] Daley, B. (2010, February 7).Casting blame in striper dispute. The Boston Globe.
[2] ASMFC. (2011, March 24). Atlantic striped bass board initiates addendum to reduce fishing mortality. News Release

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