Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rock, Pebble, Stone Beach...

It was a hot day! The sky was beautiful and the wind was delicious when it came through. Despite the Heat, Hot Sun, Rocky Road and the Black Flies, it was an amazing experience. 

What an experience!! Besides enjoying the company of our classmates and professor I have to say, I learned and did more on this trip to the Island, than I ever thought I would. Who would have thought I would be on my knees digging in the ground looking for crabs! lol 

And so it begins... We were a bit early to visit the Visitors Center but here it is on the right

I love MA as it is, but it amazes me that after 29 years of being in this state I am still impressed by its beauty. Here are some of the shots I took.

Beautiful view of the Island from the doc

The Chapel
See you on our way back!

In this view you are able to see it is low tide
I particularly like the "old feeling" from the Chapel and the broken picnic table

Path to the Chapel
On our way back, we found snake skin  

This house is right on the  beach at the beginning of our walk around the water.
There were a couple of Labs that wanted to welcome us to the Island

This was the view while we sat and had lunch. Some walked over to the Marsh behind us, but it was dry due to the lack of rain this year. 
I thought this was an interesting view and very Island appropriate

I though it was interesting how dry everything seems in the bottom but when you look at the trees they are as green and lively as a tree could be. 


On our way before we passed this house, we came to a cross roads were we found several berry trees

I was able to see a live Periwinkle, and noticed that when you attempted to touch it, it would go back inside. 

Blue Glass found within the Pebbles 

Rock Weed

This is not an animal of any sort, but what appears to be a child's toy that was once left behind

More Rock weed

Rock Weed
Dead Muscles
I found this to be pretty interesting. I saw this on the very side away from the water. 

This big guy (skate) must have been caught by a fisherman as we can see the wholes from the hooks

Small Asian Crab was hiding from us underneath 

He could become the next JASON mask

This is a place that I would love to bring my children to come see and experience the beautiful things Boston Harbor has to offer. 

One thing I will end this post with is, if you are looking to get a good night sleep - this is the thing to do as when I got home and took a shower I thought I would take a "nap" and didn't wake until the next morning. Well worth it though! 

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