Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crabs! Crabs! Crabs!

The other day we took an adventure to Peddocks Island, close to Hull. The boat ride over was really beautiful, and when we arrived we got to chat with the ranger, who lives in the stables on the Island and we saw a few buildings, one that is currently in use as a visiting center, and the others were boarded up. We learned that there are other private residences on the Island. We took a little hike down to the beach and started our walk down the beach. We learned what a Wrack is: lines on the beach where the tide has hit and is usually full of things! I learned that the tide moves very quickly, about 1 foot each hour. I saw evidence, from the shells, of mussels, Oysters of two kinds, and Periwinkles. We observed that the beach we were on was a crescent beach with pebbles. As we moved along, cobblestones. We then ate lunch and had a lovely swim, although I thought it was a little bit cold for my liking. As we made our way back to the beach, we picked up crabs, periwinkles, and "little shrimp like things". We also learned that the presence of Periwinkles may account for out beaches being less sandy and more rocky. It was a great excursion, but after returning home I was exhausted and slept for, i'm ashamed to tell you the number, let's just say A LOT of hours. Here are a few highlights in pictures....

Old Chapel

Tide on Beach

Shell of Green Crab

Slipper Shell

Clam Shell

Horseshoe Crab

Dead Skate

Asian Shore Crab

Asian Shore Crab
-Liza Zipursky

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