Monday, July 16, 2012

Ecosystem of the Boston Harbor

Our second day exploration of the Boston Harbor was very interesting and fun.

The teacher asked us to observe, describe and identify through the field guide catalog the different species that constitute the ecosystem of Boston Harbor.

While walking through the docs I noticed that the water was brackish was not clear and had a high tide.Our group discovered amazing species and some of them were very hard to identify in our field guide catalog.

While exploring the doc our group could observe and identify the following species:

·         The first specie we came across were leafs that looks like lettuce but were jelly, soft, wavy and brown. After some discussion we decided to identify them as Grinell´s Pink Leafs from the field Guide Catalog.

·         We next discovered attached to the dock a green like seaweed that looks like lettuce leaf. It had a very bright green color while inside the water but it became darker green once outside the water. Our group identified this specie as Sea Lettuce.

·         The third specie that we found was identified by our group as Brushy Red Weed. It looks like a root with head at one end and has a red pink color.

·         Red Beard Sponge was the next specie that we found and identified. It is a yellow type of sponge with several branches.

·         We also identified Blue Mussel with its black and dark brown color. It´s inside is with and it has an oval shape

·         Sea Peach was identified by our group as having the shape of a heart and orange color

·         Spongemorpha was the seventh specie to be identified. It looks like grass, sticks on the rocks and has a green color

·         Orange Sheath Tunicate was identified has having orange color resembling small circles with a point in the middle.

·         Golden Star Tunicate has a dark green color with white dots like star

·         At the end we identified some tiny shrimps with no color named Smooth Skeleton Shrimp

Comparing the species from the last year chart we could not find many differences, meaning that thers has been much influence of the hitchhikers

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