Monday, July 16, 2012

Exploring Peddocks Island

Today our class had an interesting day exploring the Peddock’s Island. It was 8:50 am when we boarded, it was a high tide and the temperature was 81 degrees. We had a quick stop at George’s islands, so we could take a shuttle boat that took us to Peddock’s island. We landed in front of a white, New England church. We walked down a trail that took us to the beach. It is a rocky beach and has a crescent shape.
The first things that we noticed were a lot of pebbles also a wrack line, professor Berman  explained that wrack lines happens when lighter stuffs are pushed up by the tides. While we were walking we found a lot of dead blue muss, hard shells, soft shells clams, riser clam, fouling organisms, and beach glass.
By walking a little further, the beach started to get rockier, there we found more alive species comparing to the other side of the beach that has more pebbles. We stopped there to get our lunch, and afterword we went to take a look at the mud flood. I found some little tinny crabs that were hard to see unless you get closer to the mud, also I saw some little fishes moving really quickly on the muddy water. After, we went for crab hunting; we started to lift up some rocks so we can see the crabs. Professor Berman explains to us how we could differentiate male crab to female crab. While we were looking for crabs we found some periwinkles. In order for the periwinkle to come out of the shell, professor Berman had to sing a song.
I enjoyed our trip to Peddock’s island. I felt like we had visited two different islands, because of the island peculiarity.

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