Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Clean Water

There are a lot of ways people around the earth define clean water. In third world countries you may be lucky if you find some kind of clean water to drink once a week. Here in the United States we are extremely fortunate to have the ability to turn on our sink and have fresh, clean drinkable water. Every day in this country people in including myself take for granted the drinkable water. So when people think of "clean" water in most of the United States they think of the ponds, lakes, rivers, harbors, bays and oceans.

For me I view clean water very important to my everyday life. Even though I take it for granted the clean everyday drinking water, I focus on the luxuries it brings me. Being from a beach town and living in the Boston area the water plays a huge part in my everyday life. I love to fish, swim, boat, and just hang at the beaches in the summer just like any other person. Cleaning up and making sure our waters are nothing but the best is a what I focus on when dealing with the topic of clean water. Many people may take this as stuck up, or in a way selfish. However it is just the truth, by the grace of god I am so thankful that my family and I do not have to scavenge for clean water. We are lucky enough to live in a country and an area where our worst worry is if the water is clean enough to swim in. Thats a luxury to many people take for granted. The water in Boston and throughout the whole world makes such an impact that we should continue to focus on how we can keep improving on making our water as clean as possible.  

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