Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peddock Island Adventure

On Monday, we set out early for our adventure to Peddock Island via a connection at George's Island.  Upon arrival, we first toured the old government sites that have now been borded up.   After a short walk, we arrived at the beach.  The first section of the beach was a crescent shaped pebble beach, and we learned about the racks on the beach (the lines created by the tide).  This area of the beach had less moving life, though we did spot some seaweed that had blown in on rocks.  The live seaweed we found was small, white and curly, and then we found some darker rockweed as well.  On the beach, there was one or two deposits of dried green dried sea lettuce, but we learned that this type of seaweed was uncommon and very likely blown in from farther out on the coast.

The next section of the beach was the cobblestone beach.   This section had small crabs under many rocks.  I was able to hold a crab, and identified it as male.   We also discovered small writhing black arthropods under many rocks that had pools of water near the shore line.  We also found periwinkles, and learned that they were much more common on the cobblestone beach rather than the pebble beach.

In the afternoon, we stopped by the mud flats.  In the mud flats there was a surprising abundance of life.  In one small section I found several crabs, something hidden under a rock that was squirting water, and tiny little things flitting around that may have been larva of some sort or a really little fish.  A seagull was also in the water nearby.  

The salt marsh was pretty dried up, so we didn't visit there.  We weren't able to visit a good tide pool either, but did learn that the key thing about tide pools is that they never get dry.

My experience at Peddock's was great, and I plan to visit again with my family sometime before the end of summer.  The only downside is the horrible sunburn I now have!


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