Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bass, Bruce and all good things must to come to an end.


The best was saved for last, we spent the first part of the class discussing Sea Bass. Professor Berman explained to us the national effort of the seacoast states to save America's most famous fish.
Striped Bass is a staple food, highly migratory and taste really good. It lives close to the coast from the Carolina's to Maine.

Striped  Bass is a protected fish by law, because of the nature of our government, each state has different fishing laws which made it hard to work collectively work to save the fish. To make matters more difficult, the overlap of the first 3 miles which is state water with that of the Federal government as well as the individuals approach to the issue was a big problem in the beginning. Luckily for the Striped Bass, the nations capital is located in the Atlantic ocean, hence it was easy to convince, show and win congressional support for this initiative as they were taking on beautiful trips to the sea to fish, eat and drink cold beers and cocktails to get them on board.

Professor Berman explained to us the three reasons why Strippers have been well managed:

1. Striped Bass is a popular fish, and it lives close to shores
2. Congressional and political support was fully behind the project
3. Science was available to translate this project into a reality

I am sad this great class has come to an end, I have been inspired by a passionate, cool, extremely open and accessible professor that deeply loves and cares about the Boston Harbor, nature and science.
It is passion that is the spark behind great things in history, it is passion that erected the great monuments if the renaissance, it was passion that drove Arab tribesman from Arabia to conquer the world and build lasting civilization in the Continent's, it was passion and deep love of science that is curing diseases and transforming lives around the globe, it was passion that America beated the Soviets to the moon. Indeed it is passion, dedicated individuals that love the harbor, the coast, the fish and nature that saved the Boston harbor and strippers for future generations. Passion that ignites and drives reason, usually is behind the greatest achivments of men.

Once again Mr. Bruce Berman thank you for a great, informative, cool and passionate class. Thank you for the bass filet which was delicious. I used an old simple recipe and it was yummy.
I baked it in a garlic, cumin, paprika, pepper, salt, lemon, olive oil, coriander and cilantro sauce, very simple but delicious.

lakhaim to you and Shalom.


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