Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Journey to Peddocks Island

We started the day very early (at least for me) in the morning at our usual meeting point. As we were boarding to ferry I was still trying to sober up and looking at the small pictures of islands in the brochure that we were given. In the picture of Peddocks, I saw a white small building and brown steppe like ground and thought that the Peddocks was the worst one among the other islands in the brochure. In a short time, we reached to Georges Island where we boarded to a smaller boat. As we were approaching to Peddocks I realized that the picture in the brochure was a bad one, not the island itself.
We had a quick look to inner part of the island after the brief guidance of a young ranger. Then we reached to the beach after a short walk. The beach was quite different than I expected. There were many small stones and not many living things. We saw the wrack lines and learned that the lightest things are pushed away from the water by the tides and the heavier things are close to water. It was like walking on broken glass as the shells of dead mussels, clams and crabs were crackling under my feet. While walking on the pebble beach we found shells of mussels, oysters, clams, razor clams, periwinkles and a dead skate fish. There was also lots of beach glass which was rounded and not sharp. To me they were trashes. But I learned that we can view them as artifacts that tell about the history of the island. As we continue to our walk, the beach started to change. The stones became bigger and bigger and we had a chance to observe more alive species.   
After lunch I had a short trip to the end of the shore where I found the signs of a familiar species, humans. It was quite ironic to see empty beer cans, bottles, old shoes, towels, litters, plates and a frying pan while we were trying to explore the wild life. The rest of the day was a hunt for crabs and periwinkles. Under the large stones, we caught Asian shore crabs which were quite speedy than I expected. We learned how to distinguish between the male and female ones. We also observed periwinkles which are said to be the main reason of rocky beaches.  
After everybody touched a crab and a periwinkle and got sunburn enough, we were ready to return to city. It was a tiring but very interesting day. And the Peddocks was certainly a spectacular island.
See you next week.


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