Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clean water is not negotiable

We have been discussing the tragedy of the commons, how self-serving behavior on the part of individuals results in disaster for all.  Water is one of the resources many could take for granted in the past but no longer.  I believe that everyone should have access to clean water.  And not just to drink but also to enjoy recreationally.  Even if people chose never to enter the waters of Boston Harbor, I still believe it wrong to pollute those waters and destroy the life that calls it home.

Obviously, all of us have different values and some of us value clean water more than others.  I do not think that matters much.  Since clean water is necessary for life, both the lives of our fellow human beings and those of the plants and animals that form the ecosystems which feed and shelter us, it must be a protected resource.  Those who do not value it either do not understand local ecosystems or have no regard for the lives of other people, and cannot be taken seriously.

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