Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today, we met at our usual Starbucks point at 8:30. I came a bit early with a dunkin donuts coffee and nobody warn me:) Then, we went to Georges Island and transfer a small ferry to go to the Peddocks Island. When we board, a ranger gave some brief information about island. After a walk on the pathway, we reached the beach. The beach was full of the ruins of dead organisms. There were lots of mussel shells and dead crabs. Then, professor showed us beach glasses and give some information about the mussel shells. After lunch, we found some living organisms for example periwinkles, crabs and amphopods. 
I touched a crab and a alive periwinkle for the first time and it was really interesting experience for me. I took some green beach glass from the beach with me and took a few photos of that living things.

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