Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From the time I was little I loved to swim. Every summer my family and I have spent in a cabin in Ontario's Provincial Park, Algonquin Park, where you have to take a boat across the lake to get to the cabin. Swimming in a clean, cold water lake is a privilege, i know that. I have always loved to do it and I can hardly wait to get back up there this August. As a Canadian girl who has just moved to Boston, I am learning to appreciate the water front I have right here- this time it's the sea- and I can hardly wait for summer to come so i can get to the beach and swim again in the ocean. So, this is one reason clean water is important to me.

Clean drinking water it also important to me- and I know, it's also a privilege. I was in Mexico a few years back, and stupidly opened my mouth to sing in the shower one day. Needless to say, I got so sick ( some stomach bacteria) that i was actually ill for a year, fatigued, and just "not right" for a long time, despite the fact my doctor gave me two rounds of antibiotics. So yeah, we have it pretty damn good to be able to turn on our taps in North America and not worry about drinking tap water. I know water is crucial to drink, and so when i drink it, i want to know i am putting the cleanest water possible in my body. Ever notice how water tastes different in different towns/cities? When I lived in Toronto, everybody said the water was tested regularly and is supposed to be extremely clean. I always got sick when I drank it. Nauseous and headachy. That's me- I have had acute environmental sensitivities for the past ten years. Cambridge water is said to be excellent- and this time I agree. I never buy bottled water here, only to waste more plastic, when I have access to fresh, clean tasty tap water in my apartment!

So Boston has proven to be a very "water clean" environment for me, and as a result, I FEEL better physically from it. I believe every person should be entitled to feeling physically well, not ill from toxins, pollutants etc.

It breaks my heart when i hear about children in villages in Africa etc. that have to walk three miles each day just to gather water for drinking. Unbelievable.

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Liza Zipursky said...

I love Algonquin park! went to summer camp around there for many years!