Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello and "Spinning Around"

Hello All,

My name is Duo Xu – Chinese for „too much“. I was born in Beijing, China, and grew up in Vienna, Austria. I am a student of both Law and Sinology with a humongous interest in environmental issues – that is why I am taking this course.
Today, we had to form a group of either three of four students, and were given an assignment:

- We had to go to the women’s restroom.
- Plug the dran of a sink with our hands.
- Let water run into the sink.
- Release the hand from the drain.

How does the water drain in the sink?

The observation in the sink at the women’s restroom showed that the water drained clockwise.

Before I tried out this experiment by myself I have seen this at „The Simpsons“ and on Austrian television. But I could not remeber why the water drained the way it drained. However I felt certain that it depends on several aspects, such as: the amount of water in the sink, the design of the sink, the surface of the sink, the way of releasing the hand from the drain and even the construction of the pipes under the drain.

How does the water drain in Australia?

To answer this questionaire I have googled a lot. Finally, I have found an article of an German newspaper which said that the way water drains is caused by different factors, for example: the shape of the sink, the way the drain is released, the position of the drain in the sink.

Furthermore, the author named M. C. Schulte von Drach also wrote about the Coriolis Effet as many people seem to believe that water drains in a certain way on the northern hemisphere and on the southern hemisphere. But the truth is that the Coriolis Effect only affects large amounts of water and air masses and their way of spinning.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Läuft Wasser in Australien anders herum ab? by M. C. Schulte von Drach

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