Saturday, July 28, 2012

Striped Bass

Today´s class was about striped bass, an indigenous fish of east coast of United State, although it can also be found in Canada e others parts of the world.
Professor Berman gave us a lecture on the striped bass and its characteristics. It has a large mouth a streamlined and silvery body with dark stripes. Striped bass is classified as an anadromous fish because it can migrate between fresh and salt water.
It´s habitat is normally near the shore and feeds on crabs, lobsters, and other smaller fishes. It has been introduced in several lacks to control de population of invasive species.
It is a migratory fish that normally lives in the south during winter moves north during spring and summer.
Professor Berman showed us his cooking talent and prepared the best fillet fish I ever had. First he opened up the striped bass and explained its anatomy by showing us the stomach, intestine and liver and then prepared the fish as ceviche and sashimi. Congratulation Professor. Have thought about starting a restaurant business?
We all took home a piece of the fish that Professor was kind to share with us. I prepared mine but it did not have Professor´s Berman touch.
I would like to say thanks to every class mate and to Professor Berman who changed my perspectives of wild life and our role in enjoying and protecting it.
Good luck to everyone and enjoy the summer.


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