Sunday, July 15, 2012

Docks of Boston Harbor

Today, we found many sea creatures under the docks. We put them in a jar and after lunch we tried to analyze them as much as we can. First, I thought it is difficult to find 10 species but at the end we threw away some of them. Here is the list of our group's list:

  1. Grinelll's Pink Leaf: it is brown purple color, it has wavy shape, it is soft and thin
  2. Sea Lettuce: it is green, thin and soft
  3. Brushy red weed: it looks like a root with red and pink color. I think our weed is the variant of Brushy red weed.
  4. Red Beard Sponge: Although the name is red but ours is yellow. 
  5. Blue Mussells: It has black and dark brown color and oval shape, the inside of the mussel is white.
  6. Horse Mussel
  7. Sea Peach: We couldn't get any sea peach but we took the photo. It looks like a heart and it has orange shape.
  8. Spongemorpha: I think it is grass. it has green color and sticks on the rocks.
  9. Golden Star Tunicate: it has dark green color and it has white dots like stars.
  10. Smooth Skeleton Shrimp: they are little and tiny animals.
  11. Orange Sheath Tunicate

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