Friday, July 27, 2012

Where there is a will there is Bruce Berman

If nothing else, I have learned from Bruce Berman that it pays to be friends with him. He was not going to hear no for an answer when we learned there would be a delay to get us to Lovells Island. This is when the Abigail Boat from DCR came to escort us to the Island and wait as we played in the water with the crabs, periwinkles and everything else we found. Thank you DCR!!!! 

The comparison of Lovells Island vs. the Barking Crab from my view is the Barking Crab is more "commercial" where Lovells Island is not.

Lovells Island is beautiful in where you are able to see although the same, hermit crabs, periwinkles, snails, tunikets and seaweed plus, rocks, pebbles, and stones, it is almost as if you are seeing them again for the first time. The fact that we were able to be in the water with them and touch them to view them closer, to me was a much better experience. The sea squirt was quite interesting to me on how it is attached to the rock and so strong. I've never seen anything like it (in the water).

Truth be told, this is the first time I am fully involved in the water and touching everything that I saw. The water was clear and clean to the point we could see the bottom so clearly. I also have to say it was the first time I was ever in a Tide Pool. I was hoping to see a starfish but I didn't get to. I was however very pleased with all that I did see.

The hermit crabs were interesting in how they came in and out depending on how calm and quiet I was. Same as with the snails, they don't care for the loud and busy environment. As I held them and kept still w/o sound, they were comfortable coming out of their shell to explore what was around them. We have great pictures of them on the blog from the other students. Although they are beautiful to view, the gunk they leave behind is not so pleasant.

To answer the question of how the snails get to the tree, I would have to say from the Song Thrush Bird, according to the Birds of New England by Edward Augustus Samuels. 

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