Monday, July 16, 2012

Creatures Observed From the Docks

Hi everybody. Yesterday I saw many creatures that were new for me. Before, I did not recognize most of them probably because I did not have a chance for a closer look or touching them. When we start our trip at the same dock located in the left side of Marriott, by looking at a duck and rockweeds and continue by observing a fish from the docks near the Chart House, I did not think that we will see many different creatures. But I understood that I was wrong after we grabbed some staff from the docks near the Boston Harbor Hotel. I took photos and notes and tried to describe what I saw with my own words. To be honest, the photos were more useful than my notes. Here are the species that I identified (or tried to identify at least) based on my observations.
  1. A very thin and small, light brown animal with two yellowish antennas. Moving like a worm. I saw lots of them on seaweeds and mussels. They were like a spider at first when I saw many of them on a mussel. --- Smooth Skeleton Shrimp
  2. The elastic orange stuff. It looks like a sponge. I found many of them under the docks near the Boston Harbor Hotel and also saw them near docks close to the Chart House. They were attached to the docks and on the rocks very close to surface. --- Orange Sheath Tunicate
  3. A mussel with a shell colored black and a little blue and white. The interior was orange or brown like. It was attached on the dock near the Barking Crab --- Blue Mussel
  4. Small creatures looking like small spiders or stars. I saw many of them attached on a mussel. They have a color something like yellow or light brown. --- Golden Star Tunicate
  5. Green leaf like things. Looking like a lettuce in a plate of Salad.--- Sea Lettuce 
  6. A squashy oval creature I found at the docks near the Barking Crab. Looking like a rotten orange. --- Blood Drop Tunicate  
  7. White circular very small creatures with quadrangle like shapes in the middle. I saw them on the pillars. They look like small stones from far. --- Down Under Barnacle or Northern Rock Barnacle  
  8. Purple, thin gluey, and leaf like creature. It was attached the docks near the Boston Harbor Hotel. Looking like melted nylon.   --- Grinnell's Pink Leaf
  9. Sponge like creature with yellow or orange like color. --- Red Beard Sponge
  10. And finally a creature that I could not identify. It was like a very small spider with a color between brown and orange. It caused itches on my finger after an instant small pain while I was examining the stuff I grabbed from the docks near Barking Crab.   
When I compare the picture of last year and what I saw yesterday, I do not see many differences. The reason may be the fact that we and the last year's group visited the harbor nearly at the same time of the year.


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