Friday, July 27, 2012

Striped Bass

Today it was the end of our class journey and I was sad to say goodbye to professor Berman and my classmates. We were such an energetic and funny class, and I am glad that I had the chance to meet all of them.
We started the class by talking about the Striped Bass fish, its habit, how it’s a famous fish in Boston, and its history.
 Striped Bass is famous for being a coastal sport fish, and it is native to most of the East Coast. It has a large mouth, and its body is bluish to silver. They are found not too far from the shore and they can live either in salt or fresh water. Usually, striped bass fish migrate northward in the spring and summer, and return south in the fall. They eat a variety of fish, lobster, and crab.
Professor Berman brought one male striped bass to the class. He cut the striped bass in fillet leaving the organs in touch. We saw the intestine, stomach and liver. After he cut the striped bass in fillet he made us a delicious ceviche, and sashimi. Each of one of us got a piece of the fillet to take home.
My mom and I went to buy some seasoning to put on our stripe bass. We cooked the stripe bass on the oven and open a bottle of red wine to drink with it. Today it was my first day eating a stripe bass, and I really loved it.

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