Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meeting with the Real Harbor
Hi everybody. This is Erdogan again.
Until today I have never seen the Boston Harbor in daytime. Last winter I used to visit the harbor at nights nearly once a week and sit the bench near the big flagpole enjoying my coffee and cigarette. It was usually quiet because not many people prefer a cold bench instead of a warm chair. However today the harbor was like a different place for me. The weather was hot, cloudy and muggy when we met in front of the Long Warf Hotel at 13:10. We learned that the shore continent of Boston was smaller before today’s buildings and facilities were built on the filled ocean. One may think that it was not a bad idea, after observing the tourists enjoying their lunch time in the most popular places of the city in this area, as we saw today.
Before boarding to the ferry, we observed the sea level and saw that the tide was low at 13:20. After boarding to the ferry the weather turned to sunny and it was nearly 90F. A couple also joined us as we grouped at the upper deck. During the journey to the Quincy we learned about Castle, Spectacle, Thompson, Deer, and Moon Islands and also saw the Hangman’s Rock which probably will not to be there in the future. Then we saw people swimming and enjoying the beach while going on to learn about how a big sewer became a place to swim. At this moment I remembered the beaches of Istanbul which are usually far more crowded than the ones I saw today. Considering the fact that the total population of Massachusetts was approximately 6.5 million in 2010 [1] while Istanbul had already a population over 10 million in 2000 [2], and the number of manufacturing plants which I did not see any today, I realized that Istanbul and Bosporus need more and more work than the great achievements that provided the beauty of today’s Boston Harbor.    
As our journey continued the number of visitors in our group increased after we stop at Quincy and Logan. I observed that there were very different people including a Harley Davidson guy, the lady with totally grey hair, families, children all of whom more or less interested in the discussion about the harbor and the islands. I think it showed us the harbor and islands has become a common concern of the public in Boston.
Our round trip was ended at 14:55 when I saw the sea level was lower than it was at 13:20. I think it was the day I saw the real Boston Harbor.  

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