Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beautiful Day in Boston Harbor

What was supposed to be a crappy day weather wise, turned out to be, a Beautiful Day at the Harbor. In this blog I will discuss a few things of our first boat ride around the Boston Harbor. Trend, Public Housing Development, Homeless Shelter, and How Clean it is. (Not necessarily in the order)

To some, the weather was nastily hot and humid. I personally didn't have a problem with it besides the fact that while waiting to get on the boat, I and a few others, made it a point to share we were sweating like a whore in church. I kept saying that once we got on the boat it will be different and that it was.

As you know I have been in Boston for 29 years, and I have to say the Harbor has not had such a great reputation on how "clean" it is. I was greatly impressed to see just how clean it now is. We have to thank Professor Berman and his team, that cared enough to do what is necessary to make this happen. The Boston Harbor has come a long way from its 1965 pollution.

The Trend of People like the Ocean and is one I am guilty of taking part in. Being from the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico myself, it is something that is within me. I find such peace being by the water, in the water, that it is indescribable. Which brings me to the topic of, Public Housing and the Homeless Shelter of why would someone not want to live by the Ocean? Of course since before the clean up it was a dump, why not put the less fortunate there. That didn't set well with me. It left a bad taste in my mouth of why this would happen. Now that it is clean and beautiful, they have to think of something to get rid of the less fortunate and make money from it. Perhaps this is a personal for me because of how much I care about people, but if the less fortunate were "good enough" to be there when it was a dump, then let them be good enough to enjoy the beauty and the benefits of it. That is just my opinion. When it comes to the Shelter, I don't agree they should travel to such great lengths to get to sleep for the night, but I am glad they have some place to go. Homeless Shelters is something we are lacking as a whole in the State of Boston, and I am happy for the services being offered and programs to the homeless at Long Island.

It is because of people who care about their surroundings that we have been able to enjoy such a beautiful day. Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act are things we should be conscious of every minute we take a breath. 

I took some pictures to show how beautiful the boat ride through the harbor is and I would like to share them with you. 

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