Sunday, July 15, 2012

good night everybody,
mehmet again,

Today, before the class I saw prof. Berman and he asked me about the direction of the water in sink. I sad, it depends. He said, yes it is true but youtube is not a trustful source since I have posted a youtube link in my previous post. I suggest youtube managers to integrate a or domain.

Afternoon, we met in front of the marriot hotel next to the aquarium at 1.10 pm and we take boat at 1.30. Harbor is a very busy place like Bosphorus, like professor said, people love the ocean and sea.The weather was hot enough but fortunately it was windy on the boat. We listened to the professor about the real story and history of the harbor. The evolution of the harbor from sewer was amazing.

Moreover, the islands looks great also the prices of the houses on it. I thought it was a success that there is not any industrial pollution in the harbor until I learn there is no industrial activity at all. Lastly, the travel of the goldfish was fascinating.

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