Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Shit

Kathryn Goldman here again. I felt that todays' theme had a lot to do with feces. To be more specific, what I was very relieved and happy to learn was that Boston Harbor is really, potentially, one of the cleanest shores in the country. After passing a "Clean air" and Clean Water" act, they finally figured out what to do with all that shit! ( By 1965 harbor life was pretty much dead it was such a sewer in there!)  I was impressed by how this water sewage system works. Though there were parts of it I missed because the boat's engine was too loud...They sent the feces to big egg domes, some poor guys had to scrape these domes, and send these to Quincy where they make this sludge into pellets that can then be used as fertilizer. Although Professor Berman did raise concern in me as to how I would feel the next time I drink a glass of orange juice..... I was impressed that environmental activists CAN get things done! It gave me a more positive feeling towards the world, which can often be a rather gloomy place.

We started at Longwharf, which was a long wharf! And then caught sight of the water underneath the dock. We observed how the water fell below the clumps of seaweed, indicating that it was a low tide. We then embarked onto the boat which took us along the harbor. We could see the Mystic Bridge, Then to the left, South Boston, passing by islands like spectacle island, long island, and moon island...all seemed very magical, though a rising tide could threaten to erode them within the next century. I was also struck to hear that the sand on the "sandy" beaches is imported! Or, brought in from another place- that it is not natural to the shoreline.

I had not formerly heard of Rachel Carson, though i think she has now become one of my heroes ( outside of Elvis Presley), since she discovered that the songbirds from her neighborhood had gone missing back in the 60's. She helped raise awareness to the dangers of DDT- a poison which weakened the eggs of the birds and therefore wouldn't hatch them. Because of her, people began to give a- well, shit- and see that chemicals have an impact on the environment. They realized if the ocean was polluted, there would be no fish to catch, they tuned into what air pollution really was. ( Too bad they didn't figure out how destructive cigarettes were till just a few years ago!)

Professor Berman, I DO still need to disagree with you about the environment up in Toronto-the reason I moved to Boston was primarily because I felt so physically unhealthy there. I think it is one of the most polluted cities in the world! But that is heresay- not proven scientific truth.....YET!

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