Friday, July 13, 2012

Brenda Rivera- Intro & drain response.

Hello All, my name is Brenda. I am a Psychology major here at BU and this is, like the professor said: a painless way to satisfy the Science Requirement. I have been looking forward to this class because I am finally able to see Boston Harbor. Today is 29 years that I have been in Boston from Puerto Rico. I love MA and look forward to learning more about it. Tonight's excercise my team agreed the water drained clockwise. We also did a quick research on the web and all watched a video of an example of a draining sink with a single match. As the water drained the match moved clockwise. I will post the results of what direction the sinks drain in Australia as I learn about it some more. Our team mate expressed her prior knowledge of it being counterclockwise because of the southern hemisphere. I found a website That is called Sciencegeekgirl where it states the answer to the question is yes and no. "The myth goes that if you flush a toilet in Australia the water swirls down the drain the opposite way than in the northern hemisphere, due the Coriolis effect" The fact that it says it's a myth doesn't give me much certainty. I will have to do more research to be sure.

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Brenda said...

According to Paul and Snoopes it's is not true. The direction in which the water drains depends on how the water was initially pored. Although the Corilotis does have such effect, it wouldn't apply to a sink or toilet but the ocean because of its size and the hemisphere is not a factor. I think we should do a field trip to Australia and confirm. Smile