Friday, July 13, 2012

Hi, my name is Chantell Alford. I am originally from Connecticut and I am student at Boston University. I do not know much about harbors which is why I am interested in this class.

Today, in a group of three, we were given an assignment to take a trip to the women's restroom, plug the drain of a sink in the bathroom, run water until a significant amount has filled the sink, release the hand from the water and observe and come to a conclusion whether the water spun down the drain clockwise or counterclockwise. As a group, we experimented twice and agreed the water had gone down counterclockwise both times.

Additionally, we were assigned to research the direction water drains in Australia. Many sites have published water spins differently depending on the hemisphere in which one lives - the Coriolis Effect. The Coriolis Effect "causes an apparent deflection of moving objects to the right in the Northern Hemisphere; to the left in the Southern Hemisphere; an no apparent deflection on the equator" (Hiskey, 2010). Therefore the idea that water spins down a drain clockwise or counterclockwise isn't necessarily a right or wrong distinction, but rather the perception the individual has. So there is no one, correct direction in which the water spins in Australia, but rather how the individual sees it.

Hiskey, Daven. (2010, July 23). What hemisphere you are in does not affect the way water spins down your drain. Today I Found Out retrieved from

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