Saturday, July 14, 2012

Science and History

High tide: 1:20pm
Time: 1:15
Temperature: 89 degrees
I hope everyone enjoyed a local science history lesson as much I did this afternoon.  It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at the Marriott Longwarf; families and tourist had flocked the North End to enjoy the weekend warmth.  The temperature was a balmy eighty nine degrees and the morning clouds were rapidly dispersing as we stepped aboard the T ferry and headed out for Quincy Bay.  With a long horn followed by three quick blows the captain threw the boat into reverse and we were on our way.  There were many boats on the water, from yachts to dingies, sailboats to ferries, whether you were on the water for work or pleasure it seemed impossible not enjoy. 
     It was much more enjoyable now than for those many years ago when it was equivalent to boating in a septic tank.  In fact, just over fifty years ago Boston Harbor was dead as there was no oxygen in the water causing for nearly all life to die off.  The local towns and the city of Boston were responsible for the 250 million gallons of toxic water that was pumped into the harbor each day.  We continue to pump that same amount of water into the ocean, however today that water is clean and it pumped nine miles off shore causing no damage to any wild life.  The cause for this is a little place called Deer Island which is home to Bostons Sewage plant.  Its a five billion dollar long term investment that will certainly pay off. 
     From the boat, it seemed no two islands were the same.  Some looked to be giant grassy knolls (previously a dump), while others were no more than the length of a football field and shrinking with time.  Some had sandy beaches (the sand had been pumped in off shore) and others had rocky shores. 
       I learned so much from this short ride out through the harbor, however besides the history facts the two main things I took away were: first, how much I am going to enjoy this class and the knowledge I will gain, and secondly it's time to start saving up for a boat. 
Hope you all have a good night and we will see you bright and early.

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