Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good Evening Class,

What a great day and a fantastic approach to learn about the Boston Harbor, good Public Policy, science, history and beyond. Mr Berman you tried to escape from the Policy debate by inviting us to your Public Policy class which I am sure is worth taking, today I experienced citizen-driven-activist Public Policy. Plato wrote in the 5th century B.C that if you ignore politics, you would end up ruled by your inferiors, true then and absolutely true now.
This morning I learned that Coastal Massachusetts was carved out by retreating glaciers(nothing lasts). One of my favorite beaches in Mass is Nantasket, I learned in class that the shape of Winthrop and Hull is similar to that of Cape Ann and P Town, a wonder of mother nature.
 I was very happy to leave the class as I knew that the real learning experience was to begin at Long Wharf. We left for the boat trip at 13:30, Professor Berman did not waste any time as he began talking about the tides, the nature, geography and history of the harbor. The beautiful day and great temperature made the experience on the boat very pleasant.

I was introduced to the different important islands and learned the historic reasons for their names. Now I know about the deers, the Indians who John Winthrop annihilated and special fridge on the island. Today only the name is left of the tribe, the Massachusetts. How cool is that, now I can brag to me friends about this and spectacle, long islands. The information about the MWRA treatment facility was so informative. The fact that it serves over 40 communities is amazing, the fact that the harbor was dead biologically 20 years ago and now is among the cleanest in the world is quiet an achievement. Every Bostonian should proud, indeed Iam a proud resident of this great city.

Boston is not only the city of knowledge, it is also the city on a shiny, clean, beautiful and serene ocean.

See you all tomorrow,

Amine Mohamed.

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