Saturday, July 14, 2012

Introduction and First Class

Hello everyone!

My name is Jessica Gutierrez, I am from El Salvador and I been living in the United States for 10 years.  I work as a Family Support Worker at Riverside Early Head Start and study Psychology at Boston University. I decided to take this class because it will be great experiences to know about the Boston Harbor and also to learn about new thing that we can do as citizens to protect our ocean. I went to Costa Rica with a Study Abroad program at Bunker Hill Community College for an Environmental Science class and it was an experience that I will never forget and hope that this will be added to my favorite experiences.
During our first class I was enjoying our professor stories and his enthusiasm about teaching us about Boston Harbor. 
Our first trip was to the Ladies Bathroom with a question of figuring out if we fill out the sink of water, and when we drain water out of the sink is was going to do clockwise or counterclockwise motion. I was in a group of three people including me and we all decided that the water was counterclockwise. We noticed that after filling up the sink with water and let the water drain the water was forming circles in a counterclockwise motion.
The second question was to find out what direction does the water drain out of a sink in Australia? Why? And how we find out the answer?
According to a YouTube video that water in Australia drain counter clockwise but I don’t see this as a truthful sources because this video could be any other part of the planet. By reading more I few sources that talk about “corioles forces”. It seems that the water drains differently according to the hemisphere due to the rotation of the earth. “on a rotating Earth the air keeps getting deflected away from the center which causes the low pressure system to spin counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere (depicted below in the graphic) and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. In a high-pressure system, air flows out from the center. In the northern hemisphere, the deflection is to the right, which causes the system to spin clockwise. In the southern hemisphere, the deflection is to the left which is why a high pressure system spins counter-clockwise.” ( As I read in the Internet the rotation of the earth and the corioles forces has a lot to do with the rotation of the drain water. If Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere the water drain in the counter-clockwise but this is the same answer that I have for the Northern Hemisphere in United States.

I think science gives us the opportunity to learn and we can all discover sciences in different ways. Thru this exercise I find out in the Internet that the water is supposed to drain differently depending in the country and hemisphere decide the direction of the water to drain but according to my experience I did not see the water drain clockwise in the northern hemisphere as supposed to be according the internet information. 

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