Saturday, July 14, 2012

hi everybody,

my name is Mehmet and I am from Turkey too. Also I have been working for the telecommunications authority for seven years as my colleagues Erdo─čan and Alper. My major is financial economics in BU. Although the whole degree takes two years to complete, we had one year to finish. Thanks to God, this the last course:) I am married with a child that's way I am posting so late.

About the water in the sink, when I was a child, there was a guy a famous pop singer in 90s went to equator and did the same experiment with a bucket water and a straw. He showed the direction of the straw spinning in the water in different directions in different hemispheres. Where can I know that we did the same experiment 20 years later in Boston. When I google it, there is not a consensus whether the water turns randomly or from Coriolis effect. Here is the proof :

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