Sunday, July 15, 2012

A fun day trip around the harbor islands
Yesterday, July 14 2012, our class went for a trip around the Boston harbor islands. We met in front of Marriott Long Wharf hotel, it was 1:10pm and the temperature was 82 degrees. Before we got on board we stopped to do some observations down the harbor. We noticed that it was a low tide and some blackish brown seaweed around stones was observed. The teacher explained that by being wet, it was a hint that the tide was rising. 
We quickly boarded, and we stayed in up top, the ride was really refreshing. The boat went pretty fast, creating wakes for little sailboats along the way.
After the boat departure we had a nice view of the Charles Town, South Boston and North End. As we navigated further we passed near Long Wood and had the possibility to sight some of the Boston Harbor Islands, namely Castle Island, Long Island, Blue Heels, Deer Island, Moon Island. We also we passed by Dorchester bay and Quincy bay.
During the trip professor Berman explained the history of Boston Harbor. We learned that 25 years ago the harbor waters were very polluted as most of Boston wastes ended up into the harbor.
The public attention was raised to this issue when a scientist published that birds living near the harbor were disappearing and stop singing. The government passed the Clean Water Act which forced the authorities to undertake projects to clean the water and the air near Boston Harbor, by installing sewage treatment plant, raising smoke stacks and constructing tunnels for massive traffic to avoid polluting the air.
Today the Harbor’s water is one of the cleanest water in the country. I also learned how they process the waste water, so we can have cleaner Harbor water.
When we arrived from our trip it was 2:50pm, I noticed that the tide started to go up. 

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