Sunday, July 15, 2012

Part I: The journey of the dead goldfish: From the toilet to the bay

It’s Saturday July the 14th and some people are heading to a class. The first part of the class was a reminder to polish one’s observation skill and follow the scientific method in a study. I’m heading to Long Wharf where the class will meet with professor Bruce for our second field trip. Our first field trip was just to a ladies’ bathroom to study the direction water drains in Boston’s sinks. I’ve arrived at the long wharf and there are a lot of people enjoying this sunny day at the harbor.  Walking along the dock, shopping, eating, boarding on boats, and some are just sitting and watching. We are getting together with the professor and before boarding; he is drawing our attention to the level of the tide at the harbor. After a keen observation, the class agrees it is a low tide. It’s around 1: 15 and it’s hot probably 87 degrees.

We are on board and ready to sail. In class the professor mentioned something about the ten thousand year intersection of land and water. The art of the great glacier I would say. Billions of tons of ice landed on the earth and the process of blocking water, gathering rocks and sand led to the birth of new Islands. Cap Cod was on of the newborn Islands. I need to study more about the ice age and see if our Yemeni Islands went through the same process.

As the boat penetrating the bay water, Islands are showing on the sides. Professor Bruce gives a brief description about each and a name quiz. Spectacle is called so because it looks like spectacles. We are passing by the moon Island as well and this long bridge crossing the bay looks wonderful though Professor Bruce says it’s not that strong to safely across it. I guess I’ll be fine due to my light weight. 

The engine is disturbing me. I cannot catch up with every thing the professor say. Why isn’t there a silent engine yet? I still can hear professor Bruce talking about a game and assigning me as a dead goldfish! Well, regardless the word “dead”, the name sounds good.

The poor goldfish has to set a journey throughout the Bostonian sewage system and reaches her ultimate destination. The memorial of the goldfish will be close enough to the Deer Island. The story of the new sewage system began by the sue somebody from Quincy made against the government and everybody getting involved in the production of a lump of raw sewage he steeped on while jogging on the beach.

To be continued…. 

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