Saturday, July 14, 2012

introduction and sink experiment

hi, my name is Alper, i am from Turkey and i have been working for telecommunication authority in Turkey since 2006. i am studying financial economics at BU and this is my last semester. at least i hope so.
supposedly, it is the coriolis effect that determines the direction of water draining from a sink, but when i google it, it is stated that it was only a myth, as most of my classmates explained. the water may drain in either clockwise or counterclockwise and it depends only on the very first move that affects the water in the sink. the way you remove your hand from the sink, maybe the temperature in the room and some other micro factors affect the direction of water, not the coriolis effect which is a force related to ocean currents, airplanes, winds etc. so in the other semiphere,  i guess the logic will be the same.      

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