Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Never Knew That Bruce's Toilet Could Be So Interesting!

Yesterday, took a boat ride from Long Wharf in Boston to a dock in Quincy. It was about 85 degrees but if felt like 95, and was very humid! I observed that the sky was overcast. We started at the dock in Boston, at 1:20, and observed that it was low tide. I learned that how I could tell it was low tide was by observing the seaweed that was the closest to water. It looked like it was still wet, implying that it was recently under water. Also at the dock I observed rocks, oyster shells, and decaying wood. We went to the top deck of the boat when we boarded and left shortly after. The boat was going slowly in the beginning but sped up after about 10 minutes. During this time I noticed the “finger wharfs” jutting out, as I had seen on the map I looked at yesterday. These wharfs were full of boats and sometime people. The boat sped up after passing a green floating booey like tower. Shortly into the ride I was able to see east Boston, the mystic bridge, the north end, downtown Boston, and South Boston. This help me get my barring straight as the map of the harbor I lad looked at the previous day “came to life”. I also noticed as we passed the ICA. The boat ride became a little bumpy, and I learned that the bumps were from the wake of the other boats and not from the tide. I realized it was very clear and the water and air seemed to be free from pollution. As the boat continued on I saw Castle Island, named quite obviously because I saw a huge castle on it. Then we passed some of the bigger islands such as Blue Hills Island, Spectacle Islands, Long Island, Moon Island, and Deer Island and learned about why the Islands were named what they were. There were also small rocks jutting out of the water, in what used to be an Island, and learned that erosion and water would eventually put them under sea level. I noticed some of the Islands were very green, from trees and other plant life, and other Islands had beaches where people where basking in the sun. I the noticed all of my class mates participate in an exercise called “Bruce’s toilet”, by each person making a motion with their arms to represent the process a goldfish would go through as it travels from Bruce’s toilet all the way until clear water sprinkled out, and particles turned into seed pellets. As we approached Quincy some of the land I observed had beautiful big homes one them, one had a housing project, and others seemed to look very industrial. The Wharfs I observed in Quincy looked much more industrial, in contrast to the ones I observed a short distance away from Long Wharf. On the boat ride back from Quincy, I observed people taking use of what the harbor has to offer, some using the Islands, as well as motor boats and sail boats. I was so amazing to see all the people using the harbor, what used to be full of sewage, in a positive and enjoyable way!
-Liza Zipursky

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