Saturday, July 14, 2012

Introduction and First Experiment

Good morning all.  My name is Chris Vaughan and I am a psychology major as well as a database analyst for the medical school.  I grew up in southern Maine and spent a great deal of time as a child on Casco Bay and in Bar Harbor and became very familiar with those ocean coastal areas.  I have now lived in Boston since 1995; however, I know very little about the Boston Harbor.

Last night during our first experiment we tried to determine what direction the water swirled as it went down the drain of the sink.  All of us agreed that the water moved in a clockwise motion.  According to an article found on the Library of Congress' website ( the direction the water turns as it goes down the drain has to do with the way the water is introduced to the geometric structure of the drain.  The article also mentions that people would like to believe the Coriolis force affects the flow of water down a drain it is not true because the force is too weak to affect such a small body of water.  This force is cause by the earths rotation and does effect the directions in which hurricanes turn in the northern and southern hemisphere, but unfortunately it does not effect our toilets, sinks, or bathtub drains.

Chris Vaughan

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