Saturday, July 14, 2012

boat trip

Hi all,
Alper again,
Today before our boat trip, we talked about the tides and we tried to guess whether the sea level is rising or falling. First guess was that it was rising because sea level was very low and we anticipated that it will rise. We learned that tidal period is 6 hours and probably the time was a turning point where the water stops falling and reaching the low tide.

We started our boat trip at 13:30, the weather was hot, however, we were under a shade and it was windy along the boat tour. We saw the islands placed from Boston harbor to Quincy and we have learned some details about those islands. Especially the way of Professor to explain sewage treatment plant was interesting. and i also found interesting how they completed the facility without being affected by governmental changes and some other future effects. Firstly, they completed the things that would be more difficult and expensive to change later. We also saw people swimming, sailing and enjoying the ocean and it is really a wonderful evolution from a sewer to such a clean and healthy water. It seems the project worth every penny spent on it. 

On the way back to Boston, we stopped by the Logan Airport and then we reached Boston approximately at 15:30 and we had a general idea about the harbor.     

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