Friday, July 30, 2010

Vania G Barraza

Hi everyone!!!

Ive been in that area of boston so many times and i couldnt believe all i missed out! As i walked over to the hotel to meet with everyone i started to see such beautiful boats, a lot of people walking and eating outside. The weather today was so perfect, just as i like it. Around 1:00pm we started to head up to the boat (The Harbor Express), it was a big boat, i never knew the mbta had a boat ride i was so happy to find that out. As we got up the boat i started to feel a little nervous because ive never been on a boat before (not a beach person). The boat was packed and i could barely find a place to sit, i honestly couldnt stand up for that much. Once i sat down i was able to observe the beautiful harbor that ive never seen before, the view was amazing, there was a lot of boat flow i can confidently estimate seeing around 100 boats or more pass by us during our whole trip. The water looked very clean, i was wondering how cold it was..The color of the water looked green and the smell to fish and salty water was all over the place. As the boat went ahead the wind was blowing my hair away and i felt so cold for a while due to the strenght of the wind on my face. To my left hand we pass by different islands that we learned from our map; some of them looked very busy with cars and people along the side and some of them looked like industralized islands. I overheard someone talking about how "deer island" used to be a prision which got my atenttion very fast, basicaly everything related to courts, corections, criminal justice gets my attention. It was impresive to see the huge power wind, which controls the power of mostly the whole city of boston.
We went to logan airport! Never knew logan had an entrance thru boats, which is so different and amazing, ive been at logan airport so many times and i never knew i could get there by boat. That was one of my favorite parts of the field trip today! Around 2:05pm we got a couple of big waves, which made me a little sick to my stomach but overall wasnt bad. I learned that the wind agaist the current is what causes the waves, which i wonder if thats the case in all beaches as well, because ive been at beaches before with no wind but very big waves. I did observed some natural habitat, a lot of birds and ducks swimming along in the harbor water, boats seem to be more recreational than for fishing purposes. Amazingly for such a beautiful day i did not see so many kids running around, mostly young people thou.

So far so good..
See you'll tomorrow!
Vania G Barraza

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