Friday, July 30, 2010

Today was our first day out on the water. We got on the boat around 1:15 and, starting at Long Wharf, traveled to Hull, Quincy, and then back to Long Wharf via the coast of the South Shore. It was a beautiful day to be on the water. It was interesting to get a different perspective of the Boston area. I am used to seeing everything from land, and seeing it from the water is quite a different experience. It really helped me understand where everything is in comparison to each other. The only other place where I have spent a lot of time on the ocean and know the area well is midcoast Maine, near my house in Bremen. Compared to the Maine coast, Boston harbor is much more built up. There are more residences and houses close together. There are also no lobster pots in the water, which are common sightings in Maine. Today made me realize how much history there is to appreciate around Boston harbor if you have someone to point it out to you. For example, there is the Quincy shipyard where many warships of World War II were built. There is the line in Faneuil Hall where the shoreline used to begin before the landfill. Finally, the hooked shapes of Hull and Nahant are evidence that Boston harbor used to be a lake surrounded by land, before the glaciers came. I feel like now I have a pretty good sense of the history of Boston harbor and its layout, and I am excited to delve deeper into examining its makeup and marine life. 

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