Friday, July 30, 2010

Second day

Okay I have a question, what’s the biggest fish in Massachusetts?...........give up? It’s the Mass Pike budda bum! Don’t forget to tip the salad and try the waitress when you leave tonight. Yea I’m embarrassed and I need to apologize for my actions today. When I corrected Alex’s paper I dun goofed. There is no excuse as a colleague or friend. I’ll put it this way, in another life I was a Democrat in the Marine Corp. yup, we were not Unicorns. I was a paratrooper as well, we are responsible for our buddies parachute making sure everything is okay, by not correcting the mistake appropriately in the paper, in a case of a parachute Alex would be in a world of hurt once his parachute didn’t open up correctly. I would be that variable that everyone would wonder why the test results were not coming out the same every time. I apologize to my class, Prof. Berman and most importantly Alex. It won’t happen again.

My observations are as follows:

As we were boarding there was a pretty disintegrated cement wall before we got onboard the boat. With the help of Emily she identified two different birds’ a male mallard and a cormorant. As we were leaving the inner harbor area, on the port side going out to the harbor was deer island treatment (poop plant)

We passed through Hull gut. Picked and discharged people in Hull, Quincy, Airport (East Boston), and finally disembarked at the long wharf. Passed Paddocks Island a couple times.

There was a varied shoreline; rocky shores and man made walls were all the things observed today. There were many islands that we passed like Georges Island and paddocks Island; we cruised through Hingham Bay and Quincy Bay. Saw a flock of birds (gulls) chasing a school of Bass.

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