Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ted Williamson 1st post

Hello All

My name is Ted Williamson and this is my fist blog post ever. I am kind of a anti face book guy because I am one of those people that want to leave their shaddy past behind me LOL.

I grew up south of Boston in the town of Braintree as on of 12 children (Irish Catholic) in an old victorian home with one bathroom - so I know how to share.

I work selling beverages, 15 years at Coca-Cola and now 6 years at Nesle Waters (Poland Spring and other brands in New England). I hope I don't look that old but it sounds old as I'm writing this... I will Bring some samples for the class!

I now live in Pembroke MA about 35 miles south of Boston with My wife of 15 years, Jessica and my two boys, Drew 12 and Daniel 10 and my 3 year old Boxer/Basset Otis.

When we moved to Pembroke my children found themselves surrounded by ponds and only a few miles from the ocean. My kids loved to discover the wildlife around them including bugs, worms, salamanders, crayfish, crabs, shrimp and sand eels. Then we got into fishing - sunfish, bass and pickeral in the ponds and later ocean fishing.

"Danny age 5 with a large mouth bass"

I bought a 1986 Boston Whaler classic sport a few years ago to explore the noth river out of Scituate and the Harbor. We love it and my dog enjoys eating hermit crabs...

Here is my oldest Drew with his first stripped bass keeper 30 inches!

I am persuing a bachelors degree and have been taking clases part time for about 8 years. I hope to graduate before my son. I hope this will be my first class I will truly enjoy. So far so good.


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