Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Introduction - Matan Bareket

Hello everyone,
My name is Matan Bareket and I am pursuing a undergrad degree in computer science.
I took this class for two reasons, it's fast credits, which allows me to actually enjoy a break this summer and it also sounded interesting (but mostly fast credits).

I'm originally from Tel Aviv, Israel which borders the Mediterranean sea. The western border of Israel is either water (100 miles) or desert (120 miles) and since it's so hot there, we spend most of our time on the beach.

As for the sink problem, It is easy to influence the direction of flow for draining water, the oval shape of a sink/toilet is no ideal, to the state of water when it's filling the sink (when we were presented the experiment there was not enough time for the excess energy to "calm"). During class I jokingly mentioned "The Simpsons" episode Bart Vs. Australia, which shares the blame for the misconception of the Coriolis effect and the way it works (or doesn't). I used an article from Penn State Earth and Mineral department (link) as reference, as it reminded me of Voodoo Science.

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