Friday, July 30, 2010

Boston Harbor Day 1

Being new to the Boston area, I came into this afternoon very eager to see if the Boston Harbor would live up to all the hype. I left overhelmed by its beauty and purified atmosphere. The harbor was extremely clean and well preserved. The waterways were clear and very much suitable for various types of marine life/waterfront activities.

During the tour today we stopped at two of the thirty four islands at the harbor. We also saw various landmarks along the way. One of the landmarks we saw today was the Hull. This seemed to be shaped as a hook like peninsula. There was a windmill on the very tip of the Hull, whiched powered alot of the city. We saw the hull gut, which is a passage that tides/winds build up in and can become very dangerous. The harbor seemed to be protected 360 degrees by various islands. It was very interesting to learn about the harbors past and that it wasnt always this attractive. At one point Boston would dump 280 million gallons of sewage into the harbor, until cleanup began in 1986.

Another place we visited on our expedition was named Quincy Bay. This is located between moon island and nut island. The island was a beauty, located close to multiple islands where very expensive homes rested on its shore. While there we visited the Quincy shipyard. On the shipyard was a building name the pellet plant. This is where all of Bostons sewage/waste was held. When i first heard this I payed very close attention to the smell because there were neighboring homes in the are. I noticed quickly there was no smell. The plant were the sewage was fertilized was toxient free. I learned what makes the beaches dirty was local piping and after rainfall bacteria levels rise. It is a vast accomplishment to maintain the harbor as one of the cleanest harbors in the country and i am very eager to improve my knowledge on the subject.

Darryl P

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