Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi everyone,

My name is Mike Fallon and I am entering my senior year at Boston University. I have one older sister and I grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts. Living 20 minutes outside of the city and going to school in Boston has given me an appreciation for the city of Boston and Boston Harbor. For my high school community service requirements, I worked at a non-profit called the Boston Harbor Island Alliancehttp://www.islandalliance.org/index.asp. The Island Alliance works with groups like Save the Harbor Save the Bay to help keep Boston Harbor and the Harbor Islands clean and safe for both wildlife and citizens. While at the Island Alliance, I was able to visit many of the Harbor Islands such as Spectacle, Little Brewster, Long Island and others. These visits helped me to understand why people like Professor Berman work so hard to clean up the harbor and to protect its wildlife. As such, I thought it would be a lot of fun to take this course.

I also love sailing, boating, and fishing. I have a 40' CABO sportfish, a 36' Regulator, a 16' Hobie Cat, a 21' Novurania, and a really cool 14' beetle cat. here are some pittures of me catching a 9' hammerhead shark, a 50+lb dolphin, and me on my CABO.

Although I am not a great sailor, I am a pretty good boater. I was recently issued a Masters Inland Limited captains license and I am going for my 50 Ton Masters near coastal this winter! When I am not on the water, I enjoy playing golf, basketball, and football, as well as going out with friends, playing videogames, and eating. I am not a big blogger, so if I didn't do this right, please let me know and I'll work on it!

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