Friday, July 30, 2010

Boston to hull to Quincy back to Boston

Ok, I have to say I am impressed!

My observations are as follows:

Dock :

    Seaweed that was growing on the wall and alleges cultivating on the rocks

    The water is quite murky

    There was a duck that was swimming and diving for food

    There is no salty smell while I was on the dock

    There was no trashy or fishy smell that I could decipher

    Westerly warm wind

Upper Deck :

Really wavy going out

It is 1:00 pm and the sun is high

Halfway to hull I could smell the saltwater by the industrial section of Boston

Clean skies

Really windy but I think that was just an increase in speed

Mild Temperature

The churning of the other boats left a trail along the top of the water and a little below the surface

On the way different of colors and variations of depths by color


    The closer we came to hull the deeper

The beach was pebbly and hardly any sand or smoothness


Lecture from Hull to Quincy four river bays:


Bait fish and big fish

Food Web instead



People Pellet

    No odor

    No noise

Elderly housing and public housing by million dollar homes because of bay

Rachel Carson

25 yrs of dirtier before hand

Cleanup started in 1985

Court order to have a plan to clean up because of someone sued, state, federal, eap


Health of the harbor and bay

Health of the beaches


    Main of 280 million gallons of sewage

Sewage playing parts of it

Close the beach only when half an inch of rain dues to the water flushing the pipes and the bacteria growing in there goes to the bay and beaches






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