Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too tired to be clever, day 3 - Matan Bareket

The Barking Crab.
I took some great photos today, you can find them on my Picasa album. (You can click on any picture in this post to see it in full size).

I'd like to start with the formal stuff, i'm not going to bore you with the descriptions from the book as you all have access to that, but instead I will just share my observations:

1) Sea Lettuce (Ulva latuca)

As big as 7-10", barely any stem, Air pockets are clearly seen moving inside the big and curly green leaves. very smooth and silky to the touch.
I couldn't found any information on the red variation, however it felt the same, and grew in the same way as the green, so i'll assume they're either related or the same (maybe dried up slowly by the sun) Source

2) Unidentified Brown mesh plant (or plant like animal)

Wirey brown mesh, fine and soft texture. Spotted brown dots on transparent leaves. I couldn't find information or name about this thing, I'm not sure if it's a plant or an animal.

3) Green Algae (Possibly Caldophora gracilis)

Prospers on sunny surfaces, not much to say about this plant as it was hard to observe, and sadly I missed the opportunity to touch it when taking the close up picture.

4) Striped Anemone (Haliplanella luciae) (or according to hitchhiker: Diadumene lineata)

Creature looks like a flower, White tentacles, with a brown base with red stripes. The tentacles retracts when disturbed or out of the water and feel soft to the touch, small, less than an inch in size.

5) Golden Star Tunicate (Botryllus schlosseri)

6) Orange Sheath Tunicate (Botryllus violaceus)
Similar to the Golden Star Tunicate, originated from the Pacific and not Europe. Mucus cover around it.

7) Clam Worm (Nereis virens) or possibly Pelagic Clam Worm (Nereis pelagica)
Reddish brown, specimen was 2-3", might be a young Clam worm or a small Pelagic Clam worm, multiple spiny legs, was hiding under a lot of plant life and Mussels. When moving it seems as if it's almost going inside itself and back out the other side to propel itself.

8) Unidentified Anemone (Closest match, Smooth Burrowing Anemone)
Leathery feeling tentacles with a mucusy body, White tentacles with black roots, looks similar to a porcupine in colors, retracts when touched. If this is indeed the Smooth Burrowing Anemone then it possibly moved up as it can be found from Cape Cod and south

9) Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis)
Same Mussel as found in restaurants, what's interesting to note is it's "mouth" where you can actually see something that resembles teeth, when tapped the Mussel closes (See video).

Some personal thoughts:
Please make sure you check out my album from today, it really has some amazing close up pictures of the various creatures we've seen today and others that I didn't identify like:
Sea sponge, Skeleton Shrimp, Horned Krill Shrimp, Isopod, a baby Crab, a baby Herring, and more. You can find the album here.

I personally had fun and went back to the dock to look and see if I can find more creatures. One thing I did take time to notice was the tides, if you remember when we went down to the dock the ramp was almost as angled as a playground slide, but later it was almost a straight walk down. I also learned that it's extremely hard to find Crocs or Crocs like shoes in size 10, even in the Crocs flagship store.

Plus make sure you checkout my video of the Northern Avenue Bridge closing!
(In another blog post.)
Good night!

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