Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 2 Class Experience on the Harbor

Last year the company I work for hosted a "Spirit of Boston" cruise that a few hundred people attended. I did get a chance to feel the wind on my face and see the shore line but not like today. Today I stepped-out to a clean sunny or maybe the correct description would be, overcast day. There were some clouds over us at times but the sun and the fluffy cumulus clouds overpowered them.

I saw the harbor and there were names to the islands and locations, to identify where we were. It was nice not to sit in traffic and get to Quincy so fast. The ship yard with the big gray navy ship and the blue and white waste tanks on the other side where the plant is located, made for some interesting conversation. A plant that sits wide in the open for all to see but the contents remain hidden and unexposed. Just the way we like it. No scent left behind!

The fish however weren't so subtle. Of course, it is the ocean but I could not remember last year such a potent scent. The wind was blasting as the captain tortured us with his "lead-foot" driving over the Atlantic/Boston Harbor currents, as we experienced the boat going up and down like a see-saw. The white egg-shaped buildings, I never knew that was Deer Island. We saw the Fore River in Quincy and a pack of seagulls chasing a snack around the Harbor. The sea-salt swirled around the ocean waters like someone had just dumped a 2-ton salt shaker in
the water.

The professor went around the group and labeled each one of us as a part of the sewage water system and everyone worked their part nicely. He also mentioned the problems of the harbor and discussed an interesting story about his friend and his response to a very unpleasant situation involving manure around the harbor. The professors friend stepped into manure while he was jogging and sewed multiple towns around to make the point clear regarding the condition of the harbor and impact change. We learned that by next year the pipes that continue to feed waste into the Harbor will complete be removed by next year and that every time it rains there is a very small percentage of bacteria in the water. I also was not aware the Intercontinental Hotel has a tunnel running under it. Overall the harbor looked great except for the random pieces of trash floating here and there. The locals sat in their boats, living it large and waving at us, and we observed a harbor I was formally introduced to, today.

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