Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My name is Kenya Scott and I am entering my senior year here at Boston University, majoring in Criminal Justice. I was born in Alabama, raised in the Boston area, and now reside in Dedham. I've branched out of a family of five, and with alot of excitement flowing through my veins (understatement), I am proud to say that I will be the first one to graduate from college. With that being said, the level of expectation for me to excel in life is through the roof which is a lot of weight to carry, but I'm up for the challenge.

I am taking this course simply because it is a requirement. I've always had a fear of science and numbers, which is why I waited until my last year of college to take this course. Surprisingly, my advisor sold the idea to me that I would really like this class, and that the opinion she offered was based on the experiences that previous students shared with her. At the conclusion of my first day of class, the fear started to subside, I think that happened because i got a sense of whats to come. I am looking forward to being a part of a class that is hands-on (I learn best this way), and full of adventure.

I love being next to the ocean because of its view, but that's as far as my attraction goes. As best as I can describe it, I feel a sense of peace being near it, the captivating appearance enables me to fall into a trance, and I go off into deep thought, feeling relieved in the end. Being at the scene for me is very therapeutic. My thoughts of its beauty stop there. My idea of sea creatures that lie beneath the surface frightens me a little bit because i understand that its an entirely different world, with different rules. Its their world.

The experiment, I found really interesting because it was something I didn't expect to be the focus of our attention at the time but it definitely raised a brow. My group and I were in agreement that the sink drained counter clock while the toilet flushed clock wise. I don't remember where I got this information from but I have always thought that the water in the northern hemisphere flushed counter clock wise while the southern hemisphere went clock wise. The research i've done proved that what I thought to be common knowledge was a myth. I've visited several sites but I chose to go with the explanation that the direction of the water when flushed solely depends on the direction that the rim jets are pointed in when manufactured.

-Kenya Scott

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