Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi class,

My name is Darryl Partin and I am a Jr at Boston University majoring in Criminal Justice. Last year was my first year at Boston U after transfering from Laslle University in Philadelphia. I am a student athlete on the mens basketball team here at BU. Im from Seattle Washington but recently relocated to Raleigh North Carolina. I have one older brother which still lives in seattle and pretty much family all over the east/westcoast.

I was drawn to this class for my vast interest in the marine animal kingdom and if/how evolution plays its part in it. The overall interest in environmental topics like this seems to come my childhood. My father is a huge fisherman and a big advocate for marine life. So i figured this would be just the class to brew some great at home depaits.

Bathroom Experiment:

I watched the experiment very closely and noticed the sink went clockwise, yet the toilet went counterclockwise. Honestly, I was always under the impression that in the northern hemisphere water spunt counterclockwise and in the southern hemisohere clockwise. I always believed in Australia toilets spunt in opposite directions. I mainly think my reasoning is largely due the a media outlets.

Being such a discovery channel guy thats were i did my research. While looking into this topic i continued to see that this was in actuality false. I read alot on the coriolis tendency and how its foiled by the friction of various surfaces. In the artice at www.discover.com/area/skinnyon970523 i read that coriolis isnt even a real force since it doesnt make anything speed up or slow down it only explains why things may appear to spead up or slow dont as the world spins underneath aka frictitious force.

Darryl Partin

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