Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 1 Observations

Hi All,

It was great to get out on the water today! After our discussion this morning I felt better prepared to observe the shoreline and islands of the harbor/bay, than I would have been before. With the map of Boston harbor in my head, today’s class let me really gain a better perspective on the physical distances between a lot of points on that map. Having driven to Nantasket before, I was astounded when we arrived there after only a twenty-minute cruise. It was also nice to see parts of the South Shore as more than just exits off route 3. What I found most interesting was Prof. Berman’s explanation of the legal battle to clean up the harbor/bay. I had heard of the “out fall pipe” before, but never completely understood how it worked. I certainly understand why many environmentalists had concerns about dumping such massive amounts of fresh water into the bay. It seems to me that this would have a large effect on the salinity of the area, and therefore perhaps adversely affect the marine life; I am curious to learn more about the pipe as well as the water filtration process.

Amir Farhadi 

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